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The Design Lifecycle

5 minute read

A topic covered in my Human Computer Interaction course was the design lifecycle. This process helps you to prioritize user needs, even though you may not kn...

15 Principles for Human Centered Design

3 minute read

Today marked the last day of the Human Computer Interaction course I took this summer through my GT master’s program. Here’s a look at some user interface de...

AWS Summit Chicago Recap

4 minute read

Last Thursday was the AWS Summit Chicago. I attended 3 sessions on AWS Fargate, Canary Deployments with Istio, and AWS Sagemaker.

Tech Talk: HTTP Caching

1 minute read

This week I prepared a presentation for Uptake’s front end community of practice on HTTP Caching.

ES6 Fundamentals for React Applications

less than 1 minute read

Don’t worry about learning all of the new features introduced in the ES6 spec, just focus on these core ones that are used most frequently in React codebases!

Presentation - What is Agile?

less than 1 minute read

One of the missing components from the curriculum of the bootcamp for which I teach, is a discussion of agile methodologies and how agile is typically implem...

To Sell is Human

5 minute read

We are in a new age of selling… at least that’s what Daniel H. Pink argues in his New York Times best seller To Sell is Human.

Presentation - Webpack: The Next Generation

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been learning a lot about Webpack recently and I decided to give a presentation at Expedia’s FrontEnd engineering community of practice to share my expe...

The Amazon Way: Principles 1-7

3 minute read

I just finished reading “The Amazon Way - 14 Leadership Principles Behind the World’s Most Disruptive Company” by John Rossman. The book was recommended to m...

Design Patterns: Decorator

3 minute read

Next up in my Design Patterns series is the Decorator pattern, which allows you to give your objects new responsibilities at runtime without making any code ...

Chicago Tech Academy Speaker Series

less than 1 minute read

Last week, I was invited to speak during the Power Lunch speaker series at Chicago Tech Academy: a STEM focused high school in Chicago’s West Loop neighborho...

AI Awakening NYT

3 minute read

Everyone can see the impact A.I. is having our lives, but an article I read in NYT magazine titled “The Great A.I. Awakening” hammers home just how impressiv...

Looking ahead to 2017

6 minute read

Wow, 2016 went by fast! Here’s a quick recap of what went down, and what my goals are for 2017.


5 minute read

It’s been about a month since I last posted, but I’ve been busy in the meantime! I’ve switched from the Frontend to the Backend team at work, and participate...

Dynamic DNS

3 minute read

So it winds up that the RaspberryPI I set up to serve still didn’t have a static IP after all…

Design Patterns: Observer

3 minute read

I’m going to read through Head First Design Patterns from O’Reilly after it was recommended on an HN post that I read recently. After finishing a chapter, I’...

Part 2: Zombie Migration - Facing Daemons

3 minute read

I continued to set up my RBIP as a web server this weekend: I’ve finally got my application publically facing on a static IP, and the Zombie Dust checking sc...

Part 1: Zombie Migration

2 minute read

This weekend I decided to dust off the RaspberryPi I’ve had lying around and get it up and running as a web server again. I’m currently hosting my zombie-dus...

Life update (pictures)

3 minute read

It’s been a while since I last posted, and a lot has happened over the past few months. Here’s a quick recap (with pictures!)

Configuring the Terminal on a New Macbook

3 minute read

I bought a new Macbook Pro Retina today for personal use, and spent most of the day re-configuring the terminal and development environment to match my old m...

Teaching with TEALS 2015-2016

5 minute read

I’ve spent the last 10 months volunteering as an AP Computer Science teacher at a Chicagoland high school through the Microsoft sponsored TEALS program. It w...

Neo4j pt. 2: Data Modeling Class

2 minute read

The Syndio development team got to take another all expenses paid (thanks to the awesome Neo team!) class on modeling your data in a graph database today! Th...

Neo4j Graph Days Chicago

3 minute read

Today the Syndio dev team took a field trip to the Chicago stop of the Neo4j Graph Days tour. Since we pride ourselves in our ability to elicit information f...

NYT Article: What Makes the Perfect Team?

2 minute read

An article recently published by the New York Times Magazine highlighted research efforts by Google to answer the question “What Makes the Perfect Team?” The...

What is a TIL?

less than 1 minute read

TIL stands for “Today I Learned.” I believe the concept originated from the subreddit /r/TodayILearned.

Project Managing a Blog?

2 minute read

Since I am using github to host and version my content, I might as well take advantage of other features of the platform to help organize and manage updates ...