New Year, New Website

less than 1 minute read

I figured it’s about time I set up a personal website!

It also couldn’t be easier with Jekyll powered Github static pages. I didn’t know anything about Jekyll until this weekend, and now I’m hooked. This blog is generated with entirely client side code, served from my github pages repo. “Deploying” a new post is as easy as a commit and a push. Its simplicity inspired me to finally register and put something on it.

I plan on using this site to:

  • Comment on life as a Software Developer at Syndio, where I have been employed for almost a year.
  • Record thoughts on books that I finish reading: I just finished Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.
  • Write about challenges in the classroom, as I continue to volunteer as an AP Computer Science teacher at a Chicagoland High School.
  • Discuss any side-projects I’m currently working on, and lessons learned from those.
  • Follow through on New Years resolutions. This is one of them :)

Hope you’ll join me! In the meantime, check out my github or connect with me on Linkedin.