One Time Binding

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TIL that angular 1.3 and onwards has a one-time-bind option to pass to interpolated expressions, which tells angular that the data is not expected to change.

The one-time-bind option tells angular not to add a watcher to the interpolated property, effectively disabling 2-way binding for the property. If you know a $scope property is not expected to change during the lifetime of the view, why waste the extra time during the $digest() cycle to dirty-check the property?


<!-- Normal 2-way binding (creates a watcher on $ -->
<span>Hello,  {{ name }} </span>

<!-- one-time binding (no watcher created) -->
<span>Hello,  {{ ::name }} </span>

The double semicolon :: lets angular know that it should do a one time binding of the scope property to the template. If $ changes in the second situation above, the change will not be reflected in the template.

Another reason to upgrade to angular 1.3!