Using JS FileReader

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TIL how to use the javascript FileReader to read data from a text file.

I participated in the qualification round of the Google Code Jam over the weekend. Since I have been working with javaScript a lot lately, I figured I’d write my solutions in JS. One thing I didn’t consider, though, was that I had no idea how to read in text from a file using JS…

Javascript’s FileReader

Enter the javaScript FileReader: this object exposes a set of methods that allows the client to read from a file. Reading happens asynchronously, and triggers a FileReader.onload event when it has completed. Any methods you want to interact with the contents of a file that has been read should therefore be included in the onLoad() callback.

FileReader is a webAPI, and was not automatically accessible in my node JS runtime. I installed two NPM packages that implemented the APIs: filereader and file-api. These allowed me to create both FileReader objects and File objects (which the reader expects as input to its readAsText() method).

See below for the implementation I used to read from text files in my codeJam solutions.

//exposing the FileReader webAPI
var FileReader = require('filereader');
var fapi = require('file-api');
var reader = new FileReader();
var File = fapi.File;

reader.onload = function(e) {
	var result = reader.result
	//do what you will with the result...

reader.readAsText(new File('someTextFile.txt'));

I create an instance of the FileReader object called reader, then attach a callback to the reader’s onLoad() event which will fire asynchronously whenever it finishes reading input from a file.

I use the reader.readAsText() method to read in the file, which attaches a string representation of the textfile to ‘result’ when it has completed reading. readAsText() expects a File object, which was implemented by the file-api package I installed.

I had never used the FileReader before, so this was good practice. It seems like it isn’t as robust as a server side FileReader like python’s file library, which can parse through a file line by line while keeping it open. You also don’t appear to be able to write to files using javaScript’s FileReader object (I guess you can tell by the name?). I wasn’t able to figure out how to do this quickly, so I just wound up copying and pasting the output of my programs in to output.txt files for submission to the contest.

NOTE: Upon further examination of the types of objects that both of the above NPM packages implement, it looks like I could have gotten away with just requiring file-api, since it also implements FileReader. It also looks like it might be possible to write to text files on the client according to this SO post.